Different types of T-shirt Fabrics


There are different types of fabrics that are used to make T-shirts. People may have the preference of one fabric over the other. What fabric are you comfortable to wear is the most important question. One of the common material to make t-shirts include cotton. The other fabrics include Linen, polyester, rayon, etc.

Cotton T-shirts.

Even though the basic choice of a consumer might be cotton, it is important to remain educated about the different varieties of cotton available in the stores. One of the varieties of cotton includes combed cotton. Here, the very short threads are removed from the long fibre threads. The fibres are then straightened out using a fine brush. This makes the fabric coarser and stronger. Organic cotton is generally stronger, softer and comfortable than combed cotton. This is because organic cotton is cultivated using minimal fertilizers and pesticides. Supima cotton is exclusively manufactured in the United States. Pima cotton is the exclusive variety of Cotton. Unlike the combed cotton. The shorter fibres aren’t taken out. Hence the shirts are made if long threads of fibres are making it more durable and stronger. T-Shirts are made from slub cotton also. The cotton variety lumps texture on the fabric. The lumps are due to the technique the cotton undergoes before it is woven. The cotton is twisted and turned before weaved. The t-shirts made this way enables air circulation and does not stick to the body. The fabric looks very natural and can be worn even without ironing!

Linen T-Shirts.

Linen is another material that is made from the flax plant. It is closely woven together and appears finely coursed. Linen fabrics can be dyed white called the white linen. White linen is preferred during the summers since it does not absorb much sunlight. Linen is often expensive as its threads often break during the process of weaving. Unlike cotton, Linen is not elastic. Linen cloth is more expensive than the cotton fabric. Linen is more light weighted and cooler. Ironing linen t-Shirts are compulsory as they get wrinkled up very easily. Linen since expensive is mostly worn by the elite crowd.

Polyester T-Shirts.tshirt

Polyester is not elastic and hence does not stretch. Unlike the Linen, polyester does not require ironing.

Rayon T-shirts.

Rayon cloth is usually used by the athletes. Rayon is made from artificial or manmade fibre from trees or cotton. The texture of rayon is very silky. The clothes made from rayon can be draped easily, and it provides good air circulation. The material is absorbent and dry’s easily. Rayon material gets wrinkled up very easily. A modal is a form of Rayon. The T-shirt made from Modal is suitable to wear during the summers.

Lycra T-Shirts.

Lycra is much similar to Rayon and enables easy movement.